Perfect place to put hot food and beverages to prevent damage to kitchen surfaces

Cork is a renewable resource, 

Cork Trivet pot stand

  • The harvesting of cork involves the removal of the outer bark ( the cork) from the tree, This process in environmentally friendly and does not damage the tree as the cork oak has the special ability to regenerate bark every 9-12 years. A single cork oak, which can live up to 200 years, may be harvested over 16 times,

    besides its natural beauty cork features many amazing qualities, it is lightweight, elastic and impermeable to gases and liquids, being warer resistant and heat resistant makes it perfect to protect easily damaged surfaces

  • The benefits to the ecosystem are many, the trees help prevent soil erosion and increase the absorption rate of rainfall. A harvested cork oak tree stores five times more carbon than an unharvested tree, since the tree uses more carbon in the regrowth of the bark