PLANT BASED- Jealous Sweets Grizzly Bears are 100% plant-based. All their ingredients are vegan and veggie-friendly. They don't have gelatine or any other animal-derived ingredient so you can enjoy them guilt-free.

GLUTEN FREE- They want EVERYONE to enjoy their amazing sweets so made them gluten-free. Have fun sharing them with your friends and family (or not, we get it if you want to finish them all by yourself)!

FREE FROM- To make these treats truly sweet, they've eliminated palm oil, artificial colours, and synthetic flavours.

MADE WITH NATURAL FRUIT JUICES- Every bite of Jealous Sweets is a burst of fruity and savoury flavours. That's what you get when you make sweets with natural fruit juices! Taste Lemon, Apple, Orange, and Strawberry in Grizzly Bears.


Jealous Sweets | Grizzly Bears Gummy Sweets

  • Ingredients

    Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Gelling Agent: Pectin, Acidulant: Citric Acid, Natural Flavourings, Natural Orange Flavouring, Colours: Curcumin, Paprika Extract, Col