Take your Potion Making Kit on an outdoor adventure and collect any special petals, leaves, grasses or soil to create a marvellous mixture of your own making. Add a pinch of natural colour, a splash of water, a sniff of a summer’s day - and just imagine the spells you could cast…


Included in the kit...


250ml Measuring Beaker

Plastic science mixing beaker for making up your concoctions!


Use to remove bigger ingredients from your potion.


Natural wooden stirring stick.

Mini Funnel

Little funnel to transfer potions from the beaker into the bottles.

3 Potion Bottles

3 reusable plastic bottles with screw top lids

Beetroot Powder

Small pot of dried beetroot powder to provide natural red colouring.

Turmeric Powder

Small pot of dried turmeric powder to provide natural yellow colouring.

Dried Flower Petals

UK grown dried rose petals in little gossamer draw string bag. A lovely scent to use in potions.

Dried Rosemary

Dried rosemary in 13cm tall hessian bag with drawstring. Just sprinkle into your potion mixture.

Dried Lavender

Dried Yorkshire lavender in 13cm tall hessian bag with drawstring. Smells wonderful!

The Den Kit Company Portable Potion Making Kit