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Take a closer look into the extraordinary world of insects and marvel at these ancient creatures providing essential functions within our ecosystem. Use your insect study toolkit to gently capture and examine the tiny-yet-vital mini-beasts that live near you - how many different species can you find? 

The Den Kit Company Entomology kit

  • Pooter
    Capture small insects for inspection and identification without causing them any harm, with our insect aspirator, or ‘pooter’.

    Bug Pot
    A handy transparent plastic pot with a magnifying lens lid, for close inspection.

    Paint Brush
    A wooden-handled paintbrush to gently sweep insects into your bug pot.

    A long-handled collecting net to sweep insects and other mini-beasts from long grass, bushes or even water.

    Hessian Drawstring Bag
    The perfect sized, drawstring bag to keep your Entomology Kit components safe. Made from natural sisal hessian.

    For jotting down your discoveries and observations use this handy notebook made from ecological cartridge paper.

    Entomologist Guide
    Interesting information and useful tips for using your kit.

    Insect Spotter Card
    Test your skills at uncovering a variety of insects with our spotter card.

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