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About Us

We are a family run business based in Ebbw Vale South Wales, providing Organic, Sustainable and Fair Trade children’s clothing and toys. After the birth of my fifth child Arlo in 2017, I was stunned by the lack of children's clothing which was of any colour but blue, and how clothing brands seemed to put fashion first rather than a child's comfort and the environmental impacts of non- organic clothing.

Due to recognising this I began purely dressing Arlo in organic clothing which didn't only benefit the condition of his skin and his comfort, but brought in a wide range of colour whilst still benefiting the environment. I used to reusable nappies rather than disposable, these are softer and kinder to a child's bum, and reduce landfill. Disposable nappies play a large part in the rising mass of UK landfill, over 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away each year. Cloth nappies can reduce a families carbon footprint by over 40% which is an astounding figure!

We sell a variety of affordable brands of organic clothing, bringing colour, pattern and comfort to your child, whilst supporting sustainable living and fair trade. As well as clothing we sell a variety of wooden toys.

Our wooden toys are durable, sturdy, and hold a special place in the family home, wooden toys are often passed down a family line and hold a sentimental value! Wooden toys are much safer and environmentally friendly in comparison to plastic toys, the wooden toys are made of natural material and are painted using non-toxic paints, this is important as we are aware little ones explore with their mouths. We believe that wooden toys encourage children to be more imagination during play due to their being no flashing lights or loud sounds they are able to develop their creativity using their own thoughts and imagination! The toys we sell are full of colour and enable your child to develop key skills which they will continue to use as they develop such as stacking and sorting which will enable them to improve their motor skills. Wooden toys have little to no affect on the environment or landfill issues within the UK due to them being natural and recyclable!

Our toys and clothing support your child's health, comfort, happiness, development and the environment at affordable costs.

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