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What is cooler than a robot and a tank?

How about the incredible Construct-It! Transformation Robot set!

This is something that is going to provide hours and hours of fun.

It comes with a little under 300 pieces and with that, you can make not just a robot, but a robot that can turn into a tank.

This is one happy go lucky robot until the other toys in the toy box push him too far and he has to turn into a tank.

The Construct-It! Transformation Robot set comes with tools, instructions, and inspiration for your child to come up with their own creations.

This is going to be a gift that your child not only has fun with, they will also learn a little about engineering as well.


This Mechanical Construction Kit is more than what it seems.

First you Construct-It, then you Transform-It!


Once the 292 Piece Kit is complete, it can transform between two basic forms, a vertically standing Robot and a mean looking tank!

Suitable for Ages 8+

Construct it D.I.Y Transformation Robot Set 292pcs with real tools

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